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SAM Magno Champion Pool Table, Black Gloss

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Product description

The Magno Champion incorporates all the tried and tested qualities of the SAM tables that have outsold all others across the commercial sector, in a fresh, new 21st-century style.

American Pool is the universal game played the world over. Big 57mm balls and big pockets make this a potting game. The Professional circuit carries big prize money but essentially it is a fun game accessible to all. American pool tables use a fast, nylon blend cloth and the ball to pocket ratio makes blocking difficult. Ideal for home family use and general leisure venues like bowling centres, amusement parks and sports bars.

  • Available in 7FT, 8FT and 9FT (American Pool Size)
  • Choice of cloth colour available 
Dimensions - will it fit?

Use the dimensions below to measure the space you'd like your pool table to be. Space to play also needs to be considered. For American pool, having at least 57 inches (approx. 145cm) of unobstructed cueing space around the four sides of the pool table is an easy-to-follow recommendation to ensure enjoyable playing. The more unobstructed space around the pool table, the better. The guide image below (Standard 7FT American Pool Table) gives you a visual guide on the recommended amount of space needed around your pool table to play comfortably, depending on the dimensions of it.

Home Delivery - Free

This product is made to order and delivered within 4 weeks. When your pool table is ready, we'll call you and arrange a delivery date that suits you. Ground floor delivery and installation to UK Mainland locations is free. Our delivery team will place the pool table in your chosen room and professionally assemble it for you, so it's ready for play.

Additional options including upper and lower floor installations can be selected at checkout.

Free accessories included

This pool table includes free basic accessories as standard to get you started. This includes a ball set, triangle, 2 cues and chalk, all appropriate for the size and type of table you order.